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Deep cleaning and after builders cleaning are both thorough cleaning services, but they serve different purposes and are used in different contexts.
Deep Cleaning: This is a detailed cleaning service that targets hard-to-reach areas and removes deep-seated dirt and grime. It’s typically performed periodically in residential or commercial spaces to maintain a high level of cleanliness. Deep cleaning includes tasks like scrubbing tiles, dusting skirting boards, wiping door frames and knobs.
After Builders Cleaning: This service is specifically designed to handle the unique challenges of cleaning up after construction work. It involves removing construction debris and dust left. After builders cleaning is typically performed after renovations or new construction projects to prepare the space for occupancy.
Adhering to agency-approved checklists, we meticulously clean every corner of your rental property before you move out. Our cleaning teams strive to meet the highest cleaning standards, ensuring the return of your security deposit.
a comprehensive, professional clean designed to restore your home to a spotless state. It’s perfect for preparing for guests, cleaning up after a party, or maintaining a clean and orderly environment. A deep house cleaning is packaged based cleaning service that involves a team of cleaners using specialized tools and products to achieve the best results. Additionally, you have the flexibility to supply the cleaners with your own cleaning checklist or simply convey your specific needs and priorities.
Regularly cleaning is charged by the hour and the staff will clean on demand.
Our cleaning services are package based, and services are bought into. The cost of the service is determined by the job itself, implying that our cleaners will remain on-site until your property is thoroughly cleaned. The duration of clean does not determine the cost of our cleaning services.
The composition of our teams is flexible, ranging from a single cleaner to a crew of up to eight professionals per assignment. The size of the task and the property determines the team size. We ensure to deploy enough cleaners for a prompt and efficient completion of the cleaning service.
We strive to use only eco-friendly products for most of our jobs. Where necessary more abrasive/corrosive substances may be used. Regardless, all our cleaning solutions are of superior quality, suitable for both residential and commercial properties. If however, you have sensitivities to specific detergent ingredients, please inform us. We will ensure your service is performed using alternative products.
Hot-water extraction carpet cleaning utilises some of the most potent professional equipment available and is the most effective method for carpet cleaning. Here’s a typical rundown of the service:

1 - The cleaning teams will need to park their vehicle as close to your property as feasible due to the size and weight of the machine. The machine also requires access to water.

2 - Once the equipment is set up, the specialist will clear small furniture from the area for better access to the floor. Please note that they are unable to move heavy furniture or other large items.

3 - Prior to commencing the carpet cleaning service, the technician will examine your carpet for stains and pre-treat them with a specialised detergent.

4 - After the preparatory work is complete, the specialist will begin the main task. The hot-water extraction machine injects a blend of hot water and detergent into your carpet’s fibres. This mixture loosens the dirt, making it easier to remove. The machine then brushes and vacuums the water back, along with all the dirt.

5 - Please be aware that after the cleaning, it will take between 3 and 5 hours for the carpet to fully dry.
Yes, we have full public limited liability insurance, meaning anything damaged (0 track record) during the cleaning service, will be remedied.
Deep clean of appliances is an optional service that can be added to any of our package deals, with prices ranging from £10-£40 per item. Our most cost effective offer is a comprehensive deep clean of all appliances for £85. However, basic surface clean of all appliances is included as a standard feature in all our package deals.
Whether or not you choose to remain at the property during the cleaning process is entirely up to you. However, we highly recommend that you are present at the property both before and after the clean. This will allow you to review our planned tasks and make any necessary adjustments to the services we will provide on the day. Similarly, at the conclusion of the cleaning, we request that someone return to the property. This will enable us to hand over the property and ensure that the cleaning service has been performed to your complete satisfaction.
If you are unsatisfied with the service or the check-out report indicates that there is additional cleaning that needs to be done, we will return to the property free of charge if we are notified within 72 hours.
We offer a user-friendly booking service that is optimised for your convenience or your can call our friendly booking team on 0208 050 4847 between 8 am to 9 pm - 7 days a week.

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Alternatvely you can pay cash on the day of cleaning.

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