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End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

Increase the chances of having 100% of your deposit returned*, by returning your property clean and tidy at the end of the tenancy, as part of your tenancy agreement, with our End of tenance cleaning service,

Our skills, experience, and performance allow us to handle just about any job. Top-Notch Cleaners® clients can rely on professionalism, efficiency, and a consistently high level of service.

A standard service package of End of Tenancy Cleaning, Move-out Cleaning, deep cleaning services includes bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, hallway, vacuuming all carpets, surface cleaning of all appliances, and polishing and disinfecting all surfaces.

Please note we do not wash walls or dishes.

This service requires that all personal belongings be removed and that the property be vacated.

Available extras:

Deep Clean inside fridge/freezer
Deep Clean of Oven, Hob, and Extractor fan
Clean carpet & upholstery

Prices include all cleaning equipment and materials.

* To qualify for a guarantee, the withholding of the deposit must be due to cleaning and not damage or wear and tear.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Cleaning Precision: Top-Notch Cleaners excels in end of tenancy cleaning, providing unparalleled expertise for a thorough and meticulous service.
Environmentally Conscious: Choose us for a commitment to eco-friendly practices. Our use of non-toxic cleaning products prioritizes the well-being of clients and the environment.
Flexible and Prompt Service: With a focus on customer convenience, we offer flexible scheduling to meet tight move-out timelines. Rely on Top-Notch Cleaners for a reliable and efficient end of tenancy cleaning experience.
Dependable and Effective Service: Top-Notch Cleaners guarantees a reliable and efficient cleaning experience, aiming to help customers secure deposits and leave a positive impression on landlords.

Service Quality

Top-Notch Cleaners specialise in end of tenancy/moving-out cleaning, we are dedicated to delivering service excellence that exceeds your expectations. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every corner of your property is thoroughly cleaned. Our professional team, equipped with advanced cleaning techniques and eco-friendly products, strives for the highest standards of cleanliness. We understand the importance of a seamless transition during a move, and our efficient yet thorough approach guarantees a spotless space. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we promise a hassle-free experience, leaving your property impeccably clean and ready for the next chapter. Choose us for a service that goes beyond cleaning – it’s a commitment to your peace of mind and satisfaction.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in London | Top-Notch Cleaners


Wardrobes, chest of drawers, bedside tables and bookshelves: Wiped and polished.

Bed base, frame, headboard and mattress: Hoovered (Deep cleaning can be ordered separately).

Rugs and carpets: Hoovered.

Floor: Hoovered and moped.

Windows, window frames and sills: Cleaned internally.

Venetian blinds: Hoovered and wiped.

Curtains: Hoovered and curtain rails dusted.

Mirrors and picture frames: Cleaned and wiped.

Skirting boards: Wiped and cleaned.

Door, frames, handles: Wiped and cleaned.

Light fixtures and lampshades: Wiped and cleaned.

Radiators: Wiped externally.

Light switches and sockets: Cleaned and polished.

Air vents: Hoovered externally.

Surfaces: All surface areas polished and disinfected.

Living/Dining Room(s)

Doors: The top of all doors and door frames, wiped and cleaned of any marks.

Windows: Clean windows from inside, wipe down windowsills, and remove fingerprints.

Furniture: Wipe down tables and other smooth surfaces, remove cushions and hover inside the sofa, move beds, sofas and drawers and clean underneath them.

All woodwork: Dusted and wiped.

Vents and ceiling fans: Dusted and wiped.

Walls: Dusted and cobwebs removed.

Mirrors, pictures, and picture frames: Cleaned.

Switches and sockets: Cleaned.

Surfaces: All surface areas polished and disinfected.

Bathroom(s) & WC(s)

Bathtub, toilet, bidet, shower cubicles: Hair, limescale and dirt around the drainages removed and cleaned, tiles cleaned with dried with dry cloth.

Floors: Moped and scrubbed.

Taps and fittings: Cleaned, limescale removed and wiped.

Sink, sink cabinet and soap dispenser: Cleaned and wiped.

Radiator and towel rail: Dusted and wiped.

All mirrors and glass: Cleaned and polished.

Extractor fans: Dusted, cleaned from dust and dirt, wiped.

Pipework and plumbing: Cleaned and wiped (if accessible).

Surfaces: All surface areas polished and disinfected.


Deep oven cleaning: Oven door, sides, back panel, control panel, bottom drawer, dip tank cleaning of racks and trays.

Fridge/Freezer*: All grime, mildew, and food splatters removed. Door handles, rubber seal and the top of the fridge/freezer cleaned and wiped.

Dishwasher: Mildew, grime, and food deposits removed, filters checked, Soap dispenser drawer cleaned.

Washing machine and tumble dryer: Wipe down inside and outside wiped and cleaned. Rubber seals and dispenser drawer all cleaned, lint filters cleaned.

Microwave: Inside, outside, rotating plate and handle cleaned and wiped.

Cupboards, drawers: Cleaned and wiped inside and outside.

Sink: Scrubbed, descaled and wiped. Any food debris, or dirt around the sink drain cleaned and wiped.

Floors: Vacuumed, moped, and polished.

Surfaces: All surface areas polished and disinfected.

*Fridges and freezers should be deforested in advance.

Have you Any Question?

Adhering to agency-approved checklists, we meticulously clean every corner of your rental property before you move out. Our technicians strive to meet the highest cleaning standards, ensuring the return of your security deposit.
Our clean teams will bring everything necessary for the completion of the service prior to you moving out as part of your end of tenancy.
The composition of our end of tenancy cleaning teams can vary, with up to 6 technicians available. The size of your rental property determines the team size. We ensure to deploy enough cleaners for a prompt and efficient completion of the cleaning service.
The cost of the service is determined by the job itself, implying that our cleaners will remain on-site until your roperty is thoroughly cleaned. The duration of cleaning does not dictate the cost of our cleaning services.
Yes, we have full public limited liability insurance, meaning anything damaged (0 track record) during the cleaning service, will be remedied.